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New Moon Medicine from the Embodied Priestess

February 18th, 2015

eec86aee-9eaf-400d-8343-67e916322867New Moon Greetings ~

I had a profound "aha" recently that I am excited to share with you.

It came about on a hike with a dear sister while we were sharing about all the recent upheaval and endings in our lives.

A light bulb went off in my head and I heard these words:

Befriend the Dark Goddess.

The funny thing is, it was not the first time I've had this aha,  and I am absolutely sure it will not be the last.

But each time I have this aha, a little bit more of my resistance melts away into the ocean of love.

You see, I grew up with the Virgin Mary. The face of the Goddess as Creator has been well known to me since childhood.

But in this lifetime, my relationship with the Goddess as Destroyer has been slower to develop.

And it makes sense when we look at our collective consciousness (and unconsciousness). Our culture fears death like nothing else.

We are so afraid to let go. We fear change and transformation. That fear keeps us in jobs, relationships, and old ways of being WAY past what actually serves our soul's evolution.

Aha! The Dark Goddess can help.

Endings are a part of life - an equal part. We begin, we build, we end. What if we simply embraced endings as absolutely healthy?

Everything has its season, and when the season is over we let go with love and move on (after feeling everything that has to be felt first...that may be the part we resist the most, so don't forget to call on your friend the Dark Goddess!).

This New Moon lies on the very cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, and we have the opportunity to complete the completion that we initiated one moon ago on the first of these two New Moons in Aquarius. (You may need to reread that line a few times.)

Do you remember what the last New Moon of "great endings and great beginnings" brought forward for you? (Reread that moonletter here.) Do you feel complete in that completion?

If not, now is the time sister. Let whatever it is go, with love and gratitude for reals. Only when we fully let go can we open fully to the new.

Call on the Dark Goddess to help you. This is a powerful New Moon and the intentions and magic you create now will ripple out generously as we enter the Chinese Year of the Wood Sheep/Goat.

Sending you loads of New Moon love!
Dayna Seraye

P.S. Join me in Boulder for our next Embodied Priestess Full Moon Temple March 5th, and stay tuned for more ways to deepen your devotion and connection to the Goddess in the near future!