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Namaste ~

I am Dayna Seraye. My passion lies in the awakening of soul-consciousness through the embodied practices of yoga, shamanic wisdom and the healing arts.

I believe that life is a grand adventure of growth and evolution.

Each moment we have the opportunity to choose — love or fear. Every challenge is a gift that has the potential to wake us up to the most fulfilling, inspired version of ourselves.

Through practice, we learn to release the noisy chatter and limiting beliefs of the small mind and rest into our true nature of Divine Grace, Joy and Love.

I invite you to join me on this journey of wholeness to step into your true purpose, passion and empowerment.


Dayna holds a container of pure, healing Feminine Divine Love,
whether it be Fierce Love from Kali or Compassionate Love from Kuan Yin.
It’s been a gift of unimaginable healing, has opened doors to joy,
gratitude and abundance, and has unleashed my powers of manifestation.
– Diana D.


Are you ready to uplevel your life?

The masters have said that awakening is not the end, but the beginning of life.

Start now to create the shifts that you need
— from the inside out —
to live a life you radically love.

Soul Sessions

In these powerful one-on-one sessions we go deep. What is holding you back from experiencing the health, happiness and fulfillment you desire? Using somatic psychotherapy, laser coaching, energy medicine and magic, we work together to clear the conditioning of your past and empower you to create the life of your dreams.


Dayna midwifed the sleeping priestess in my womb.
She helped me open up the part of myself that I’ve been unknowingly searching for my whole life.
She is a rockstar space holder and she continues to support my journey with grace.
Deep bows in gratitude for this warrior queen.
– Lila D.

Pilgrimage to India

March 8-18, 2018

Journey with me to the birthplace of yoga to immerse in the wisdom field that is Rishikesh. Bathe in the Ganges, visit holy temples, meditate in ancient caves, and experience living yoga on this transformational adventure of a lifetime.


Love happened in every way.
I am forever changed…and still changing.
Our time together was magic, healing…transformational.
Thank you for doing such important and compassionate work in this world…
making it & us better & better. THANK YOU!!!
– Amy B.


How can I support your evolution?

We all need a helping hand to remind us that we have the power within.

Live Events

When we consciously gather we can exponentialize our growth and transformation. In my trainings, workshops and retreats I focus on creating safe and sacred space for us to practice deeply and support each other’s evolution.

Living Yoga

I teach my students how to become an embodiment of living yoga. On the mat I offer soul-centered, healing yoga journeys weaving vinyasa, meditation, kriya, pranayama, mantra, bhakti and earth-based wisdom.

Online Programs

Connect with me online through transformative programs that you can access anytime, anywhere. Study, practice and evolve in the comfort of your home as if you are sitting with me live.


I love what a powerful, embodied teacher you are.
Your insight and feedback is so helpful for us growing teachers.
I am so grateful for your presence in my life.
You have taught me so much.
– Heather H.