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New Moon Medicine:
Equinox, Eostre & Eclipse...Oh My!

March 19th, 2015

Dear friends,

OstaraBalance is one of the Greatest Mysteries of life...

Tomorrow we celebrate the Equinox. The light exactly matches the dark. Day and night are equal.

While balance is never completely still (try standing on one foot and see what happens), with Mother Nature holding equilibrium for us we can attune to Her energy and experience a deeper sense of ease in our own quest for balance.

The Equinox is a cosmic pause, a divine reset button that we can push to recalibrate our energy.

How can you create more balance in your own life? What can you call in to support you in that balance?

A great new cycle begins as we pass through this threshold into the light half of the year. It is a momentous celebration. Spring is arriving all around us and the spirit of renewal and rebirth are pulsing in all of nature. Now is the time to plant our seeds (intentions, dreams, visions) that we have been hibernating with all winter long.

With the Equinox we celebrate the astrological New Year as we enter fiery Aries and begin the new cycle of the zodiac and the season of Spring.

But first, we must pass through the portal of the New Moon and Full Solar Eclipse in the final degree of the final astrological sign of the year - Pisces. Oh my!

Eclipses are said to remove the dead roots. These are roots of things that have already died and been put to rest, but they are like ghosts still hovering around us. They are taking up valuable space that could be used to plant our new seeds and grow new life.

And so just before we welcome the new, we have yet another opportunity to release the old. Before each inhale we must fully exhale.

So go ahead and pull up those dead roots and let them go! Bring in the playful spirit of Spring and have some fun with it. Ask for divine help and trust that it is so.

With joy and blessings,
Dayna Seraye

PS - Ostara (aka Eostre) is the Goddess celebrated on the Equinox from which Easter gets its name and traditions of bunnies and colorful eggs.