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New Moon Medicine: Why Plug into the Moon?

April 17th, 2015

starry_skyHi love!

Last year I made a pilgrimage to Bali, land of the Goddess. As I rode through the streets on the New Moon, I noticed everyone dressed up. It was a school day, but instead of the normal school uniforms, the kids wore beautiful, bright clothing.

I saw men riding through the streets on their mopeds with colorful head wraps, and women swathed in gorgeous ceremony attire.

I asked our driver why everyone was so dressed up. In his Balinese accent he told me, "It's the Dark Moon."


The Balinese are very attuned to the sacredness of the moon cycle. The New Moon and Full Moon are times to go to temple and purify oneself. They are days of increased potency of spiritual endeavors.

I was recently asked why I hold ceremonies on the New and Full Moons. Being so steeped in my own moon practice, sometimes I forget that our mainstream American culture barely acknowledges the phases of the moon.

The moon offers us a rhythm of connection to Nature (Goddess, Spirit). We pause our day to day lives and give ourselves to the medicine and magic of the Great Mystery. In doing so, we nourish our Souls.

The New Moon energy is like Winter. We are invited to go inside ourselves, reflect, rest, and regroup. We honor the richness of our inner lives. Many of us sisters bleed on the New Moon. We cleanse and purify ourselves and let go of old energy. We listen. We set intentions for the new.

The magnetic rhythm of the moon cycle recalibrates our energy bodies and supports us to align with our Soul Truth.

And that is incredibly important in this "age of illusion," where someone is constantly trying to make us feel less than so that we will buy something. The competitive nature of our capitalist, patriarchal society requires us to make an extraordinary effort to create and sustain our health amidst it all.

We are in desperate need of a radical restructuring of the foundational systems of our society. And that is an enormous task...

I believe that this restructuring begins with each one of us unplugging from the dis-eased, illusory paradigm that keeps us small and disconnected.

And we must plug ourselves into what brings us health, empowerment and love.

Connecting to the moon helps us to plug into the life force of Nature.

Gathering together while connecting to the moon helps us to plug into Nature in the support of community.

Where our attention goes, energy flows. And so we plug in over and over again. We practice, practice, practice. We fill with connection to Nature and Spirit. The rhythm of the moon cycle, and the greater Wheel of the Year, guides us to consistently plug in to the frequency that brings us healing, connection and love.

This is a big conversation, and I'd love to hear your thoughts, so write to me and let me know your ideas!

Wishing you an incredibly nourishing New Moon!

May it be so. And so it is.

Dayna Seraye

P.S. - Check out my newest endeavor, bringing together my passions for Sacred Service, Sacred Sites, Community and Practice: Hanuman Adventures.

Next Embodied Priestess Full Moon Temple is for Beltane on Sunday May 3rd. I would love for you to join me!

April 23rd - 25th, Sobonfu Some (one of the foremost voices in African Spirituality), will offer one of the most important rituals of her people: The Grief Ritual, happening in Boulder, Colorado. See you there?