Healing - Dayna Seraye
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BodyMind Therapy & Coaching

I know what its like to struggle – physically, emotionally, financially, in relationships. I know how overwhelming, scary and confusing it is to not know the answer to “Why is this happening to me?”

The subconsious mind is a vast landscape that can be challenging to explore without the help of a strong guide.

In our work together, I will help you enter the mysterious territory of your subconscious to access and release deep emotional blockages and damaging belief systems that are at the root of the challenges that you are experiencing.  I will help you clear out the muck of social programming that is holding you back from the health, happiness and success that you are seeking.[/two_third]


Embody the Priestess

Receive guidance
each New and Full Moon
to awaken your priestess path
& connect to the Goddess.


I respect your privacy!


I will help you to access your deep truth and embody your unique flavor of radiance so that you may cultivate an awake and passionate life.

I am delighted to meet with you locally in Boulder, CO, or over the phone from anywhere in the world.

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Here is the low-down on the main techniques we will explore in our work together.

The Lifeline Technique™

This healing system utilizes a map of the subconsious and the art of muscle testing to quickly pinpoint and release the root cause of emotional challenges, symptoms, stress and dis-ease.

The Lifeline Technique™ helps us to process old emotions that were too overwhelming when we originally experienced them. We are able to integrate this pain and your body’s energy or life force begins to flow freely through your body allowing it to heal and harmonize.

Hakomi ~ Somatic Psychotherapy

The Hakomi Method is a body-centered, somatic approach to therapy. The body is a doorway into unconscious material, including the hidden core beliefs which shape our lives, relationships, and self-images.

Through a state of mindfulnes, loving presence, and nonviolence, we quickly accesses this core material and bring it to consciousness. Once conscious, it can be worked with and powerfully transformed from a place of safety and sensitivity.


Coaching is the art of empowering an individual to make the changes necessary to create a life she loves. As a coach I focus on your specific goals and outcomes. We identify the obstacles or challenges blocking you from having what you want, and we create a plan of action to get there.

Coaching includes reviewing your daily habits and implementing tools and practices that help you stay on track, including whole-food nutrition, exercise, rest and other self-care practices. As your coach, I support you every step of the way.