New Moon ~ Water Blessing


New Moon ~ Water Blessing Hi tribe ~ New Moon blessings on this double Cancer moonday And happy 4th of July! Its been a while since I’ve written… times have been full and intense in the best of ways…the kind of full and intense that brings great […]

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Accept Your Genius


{New Moon} Accept Your Genius Dear tribe, What do you normally think of when you hear self acceptance? Most of us immediately think of our darkest, ugliest, most “unlovable” parts. And yes, it is important to accept those shadowy parts. But what about your brilliance? Have you […]

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Magnetize blessings into your life.


{Full Moon} Magnetize blessings into your life Dear tribe ~ I am full of gratitude on this beautiful Full Moon. The powerful practice of gratitude has been a part of my daily life for at least as long as I’ve been a mother. Every night for the […]

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Blessed Lunar Samhain!


{New Moon} Blessed Lunar Samhain! The veils are thin. Cold winds whisper of the beyond Calling us Home to ourselves. What is death but a new beginning? Shrouded in mystery. We are asked to trust. She brings gifts The Dark Mother Gifts in the strangest of wrapping […]

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What is Your Prayer?


{New Moon} What is Your Prayer? Hello dear one, I feel your longing… …to dance with the divine feminine …to sing and pray in sisterhood …to awaken shakti in every cell of your being …to serve the healing of the planet …to Embody the Priestess. The Goddess […]

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YES to Abundance & Egyptian New Year


{Full Moon Magic} YES to Abundance & Egyptian New Year Hi tribe, Sirius is rising. Can you feel the flood of delicious feminine energies? Sirius is the star of the great Goddess Isis. After disappearing from the sky for a few months she makes her grand reappearance […]

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Can you relax and open? Even more?


{Full Moon} Can you relax and open? Even more? Hi friends, Have you seen Jupiter and Venus in their cosmic love dance in the sky? Even if you haven’t seen the superstar formation they are making with your own eyes, I’m sure you have felt the bountiful, […]

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Summer Solstice Gratitude


Summer Solstice Gratitude The most powerful vibration in the universe is LOVE. GRATITUDE, JOY and COMPASSION are LOVE’s sweet companions. This nectar is always around us and constantly accessible. It is in fact waiting for us to recognize ourselves in it. For we are made of this […]

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New Moon Medicine: Take a Leap of Faith


New Moon Medicine: Take a Leap of Faith Who would you be if you had no fear? What would you do? Asking yourself these monumental questions will help you to discover the ways that you are still playing small and hiding out. They will help you to […]

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New Moon Medicine: Why Plug into the Moon?


New Moon Medicine: Why Plug into the Moon? Last year I made a pilgrimage to Bali, land of the Goddess. As I rode through the streets on the New Moon, I noticed everyone dressed up. It was a school day, but instead of the normal school uniforms, […]

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