one-on-one - Dayna Seraye
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Soul Sessions

Every challenge is a gift…an invitation to evolve.

The nature of LIFE is to flow and to continually grow.

What is life offering for your evolution?

I am here to remind you that you are brilliant.

A spark of genius embodied on earth.

I will teach you how to tune in to your true Self.

To digest and metabolize the fullness of your human experience.

To embody your soul medicine.

My Approach

My in-depth training in Yoga, the Hakomi Method of Somatic Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Health Coaching gives me a medicine bag of tools to support you through your challenges and opportunities.

At various points along the journey we are asked to shed our old skin and step into new ways of being that serve our deepest unfolding. It is simply Nature doing what She does.

I support your Natural Intelligence to heal & evolve your life.

The Details

Our work together can range from one life-changing session to on-going therapeutic coaching.

All sessions are done through Skype. Science and metaphysics both have shown us that physical distance does not diminish the potency of our energy exchange.

Sessions last about one hour. It is best to take time and space after the session to assimilate and integrate the journey. Healing is a process and what comes up in session will continue to unfold. I will give you practices and “homework” to continue to work with the energy.


Get Started Now

Are you ready to clear and harmonize whatever is in the way of your deepest fulfillment? Let’s begin our work together.