the heart of yoga

Living Yoga

I practice and teach yoga as an ever-deepening journey
into the truth of who we are.

Yoga is so much more than the physical postures of asana.
Yoga is a state of consciousness:
the state of being in connection, wholeness, unity with what is.

This yogic state brings us the health, happiness and freedom that we all desire. This is the true purpose of practice.


Soulful Yoga Journeys

I guide yoga journeys with the intention to bring you into connection with your soul consciousness. I weave vinyasa flows, long asana holds, meditation, kriyas, pranayamas, mantra and earth-based wisdom to facilitate healing and transformation.

Through regular practice, we surrender the limitations of our small, egoic mind. We release blockages and heal the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

We find alignment on all levels of our being.

When we get out of our own way,
we become available for


the energy that underlies our entire existence.